About the project
is a long-term visual storytelling project by Luke Swenson (Documentary Photographer) and Jack Dash (Naturalist and Writer). Since 2017, we have been working to better understand the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands alongside ecologists, cattle ranchers, humanitarian aid workers, migrants, hunters, ex-border patrol agents, and indigenous community members. This project will ultimately bring together hundreds of original film photographs, oral history interviews, botanical specimens, historical images, and found objects; creating a living archive dedicated to this remote 42-mile section of the US-Mexico border.


The Atascosa Highlands are an area of incredible biological diversity located within one of the most ecologically rich regions on the planet. While these mountains have been inhabited for thousands of years, the last few centuries of human activity have had a profound effect on this stretch of the US-Mexico border, making it essential to document the ecology of the region now.

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